United Stainless Steel Square Angled Tip


New old stock
United stainless steel (wash-out, cut-away) angled tip. These tips will accommodate liner and round shader needles up to size 7.

These stainless steel tips are easy to clean and sanitary, and the wash-out, cut-away opening makes rinsing to change from one color to another effortless.

All United tips were designed by Eddie to be funnel-back drilled for two reasons:

1. The funnel-back drilling allows your needles to drop right through; there are no "lips" or walls for your needles to get caught on. No maneuvering necessary to get the needles to pass directly throughout the tip.

2. The funnel-back drilling leaves the correct size funnel necessary to act asa reservoir for an even flow of ink.

Save the environment, clave your gear!
You will receive one angled tip.

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