Philadelphia Eddie Tattoo Ink Sheet

Philadelphia Eddie Tattoo Supply Ink Data Sheet  
1) Product and Company Identification Product Name: Tattoo Ink (“CPE” and "Lighthouse" series)
Supplier: Philadelphia Eddie Tattoo Supply, Inc.  
Contact Information:            
Email: [email protected] 
2) Ingredient Information CPE-series and Lighthouse inks are formulated using inorganic and/or organic pigments, witch hazel extract, ethyl alcohol, propylene glycol, and a priporitary mix. 
3) Handling and Storage Keep containers closed to prevent evaporation and contamination. Store in a cool, dry and well-ventilated area. Keep away from ignition sources and from oxidizing materials, like bleach.  
4) Physical and Chemical Properties Physical State: Liquid Color: Various        
5) Stability These products are stable. Hazardous polymerization will not occur.  
6) Regulatory CPE and Lighthouse inks are classified as combustible liquids (flash point between 100°-200° F)