About Philadelphia Eddie Tattoo Supply Company

Welcome to Philadelphia Eddie Tattoo Supply.United Tattoo Supply was founded in August 1992 by Crazy Philadelphia Eddie Funk and his former wife Penny Funk.

We are keeping Eddie's memory alive by offering you his old new stock and new items on our site.  

I just wanted to firstly show my gratitude to Penny Funk who if it weren't for her this thing of ours would never had started. 


We are so grateful to everyone for the continued support and business along the way. 


I got into tattooing years ago but only had a short start. Unfortunately, my shot at tattooing was robbed by multiple sclerosis. I became homebound with no purpose. 


One of my best friends, "Switchblade" John Ronyane helped me keep my foot in the door by teaching me how to build and tune machines. 

Slowly I started building a small workshop in my parent's basement. 


Years later Valerie Velvet & Timmy Adams were kind enough to introduce me to another one of my best friends, Penny Funk. I would go on to become partners with her offering Philadelphia Eddie's NOS from when Eddie & Penny owned and ran United Tattoo Supply company in the 90's. 


We incorporated in 2019, then sold most of what Penny had stocked up from the 90's. In following Eddie's footsteps, we sought out a chemist. That was such a challenge. It took almost 2 years to find the perfect fit. 


Penny had all of Eddie's recipes for the premix and ratios for the powders. 

Working with our chemist we now can offer over 52 colors of powder pigments, 30+ colors of premix pigments and I had the opportunity to start my own line of 12 colors of premix pigments, "Lighthouse Pigments". 

The name pays homage to Long Island, NY. Long Island is famous for its lighthouses. With over 25 lighthouses. 


"The Montauk Point Lighthouse, constructed on the easternmost tip of Long Island in 1797, was the first federally funded lighthouse in the country and was the first of several lighthouses that would guide ships along the coastline into New York Harbor." (https://www.discoverlongisland.com/plan-your-trip/famous-long-island/famous-lighthouses)


If it weren't for tattooing, I really don't know what I would do with my life. 

So thank you for allowing us to be even a blimp in this incredibly giving thing. 


Special thanks to all of the people who have helped us along the way, and contributed, Fred Sailor, Justin Sain, Dennis Dwyer, Douglas Mozisek, Larry Mora, Mike Schweigert, Richard and Mary Montgomery, Rich Thomas, Joey D, Kent Smith, Gary William Cullen, Jimmy Whitlock, John Ronyane, Robert Freund, Carl Womack, Chris Midkoff, Tony Lynx, Timmy Adams, Tom Adams, and Daniel Scafer, if I forgot anyone my apologies. 

(Penny Funk and Brian Lybaert)