Sailor Barney Sr. 3 Set Combo (30 sheets and 3 Photo Reprints)


Sailor Barney Sr Flash Set #1,#2, and, #3.
Barney did these production sets sometime between the 70's-80's according to his son, Sailor Fred.

We have the blessing of Sailor Fred to offer these 9x12 reproduction sets of 10 sheets per set. This is for all 3 sets (30 sheets) and 3 photo reprints.

Printed on 65 lb old age parchment paper.
We decided to keep them the way we found them, nicotine stained and all.

The set ships flat as all of our flash does. So it's ready to hang in your shop.

Please note: all prints are made to order. So please allow 5-7 days before your order ships.

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